Didjeridoo for Kuṇḍalinī Yoga

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Sound samples
© 2018 Zorg Ztocouc
            What this is:

The intention here is to combine two ancient traditions which are both very dear to me; Tantric meditation and didjeridoo playing. Structurally, the one-hour meditation consists of a series of seven didjeridoo pieces, which are designed to stimulate the energy of each of the seven chakras, starting with the lowest and ending with the highest.

I have always practiced didjeridoo playing primarily as a kind of meditation on the connections between breath, sound and awareness. It's like a kind of prāṇāyāma with acoustic feedback! And just as there are differences between the vipassana forms of open awareness meditation and the dhyāna forms of meditation with particular focus, there are similar differences in possible approaches to playing didjeridoo in meditation.

It is not easy to reproduce the experience of the deep immersive sound of the didjeridoo through computer speakers or earbuds, but hopefully the short sound samples on the left here may give some general sense of the sonic experience of these chakra meditations.

For each chakra, I focus on a particular combination of rhythmic, dynamic and harmonic patterns that form a kind of "sonic mantra" for that particular energy. It typically takes several minutes to settle into the "vibe" of a particular chakra, so it may take multiple listens to some of these samples before the form of the sonic mantra becomes apparent...

            What this is not:

Although there's a lot I could say about what Tantra is and is not, my preference is not to give verbal guidance, but rather to leave that to the teachers with whom I am collaborating. I find that I can meditate most deeply, and therefore be most supportive to the particpants, when I'm sitting in the corner focusing on my own didjeridoo breathwork.

The terms "Tantra" and "Tantric" are often (mis-)used these days to describe practices that have nothing to do with classical Tantra. So to avoid any misunderstandings, I want to make it clear that the practice sessions I'm offering here are for individual private meditation, either lying down or seated, and do not involve any kind of physical contact with partners!