What is a “Didjital Sound Journey”?

Short audio sample from a private session:


Technology for hearing more clearly
The original motivation for my use of technology with the didjeridoo was so that I could hear much more clearly exactly what I was playing. By equipping the didj with a microphone and listening with headphones, I could hear every nuance of the sound! Participants could also hear the didj clearly through speakers without my having to move around the room and play close to them.
For me this was a big improvement on the situation that often occurs with didj (especially when playing with other instrumentalists) where almost all of the sound is projecting away from the end of the didj five feet away from my ears, making it difficult to hear the full effect! And because I could hear better, I could also make my playing much more nuanced for the participants.
The next step was to add effects to emphasize particular harmonics and create a much larger stereo field. Listening with headphones as well as amplifying the sound via normal speakers, it became much easier to create a totally immersive sonic experience! The videos here give something of the flavor of those journeys, where some participants may choose to use headphones as well as listening via the normal speakers.
The intention
My approach to playing for Didjital Sound Journeys until last year was to just be in the moment and let the sound flow in whatever direction the energy of the group leads. When collaborating with Breathwork or Yoga teachers, my goal was to support the breathing patterns that naturally arise from the class exercises.
More recently my practice has evolved into journeys with a more specific intent to focus on particular energies for certain amounts of time. The technology used for those is a little simpler, letting go of the stereo/headphones aspect. For details see my Kuṇḍalinī Yoga page here.