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Not long ago I wondered what it would sound like to have a large number of didjeridoos all circling around in the stereo field with their sound waves alternately reinforcing and interfering with each other. So I recorded this piece which has twelve(!) didjeridoos, six of which move with different kinds of "Brauer motion" and the other six which move with "normal" panning in different phases.

I called it "In The High Spaces", partly because although there's a huge amount of low sounds, my focus while playing was actually on creating a sonic space for the much higher harmonics - in particular there's a major third harmonic that sits in the spaces created by the lower sounds. I experience that as the sound of the angels img seems to be missing.jpg
Recent news:
I am super-excited about the launch of SomaSound.io with Akara. Please check out our new website!
Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland is one of my favorite venues. I love to play for the sound healing at the end of Ecstatic Dance and will be returning there with Akara for a SomaSound gig on Wednesday August 14th! The sound engineers there always make the didj sound cosmic! img seems to be missing.jpg
Earlier news:
It was a profound joy to take part in the " Enlightenment Via Music, Kirtan, Feelings & Energetic Awakening" sādhana retreat in Florida in April. So many wonderful people, so many great musicians, and such an inspiring community!
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It has also been a great joy to offer Didjital Sound Journeys for pregnant moms. Babies in the womb are especially sensitive to deep bass sounds, and I LOVE it when the moms report that it feels as if their babies really like the sound of the didjeridoo, and the moms find it very relaxing too! It was also a great joy to visit a friend's house who has an infant boy, and to discover that he was able to fall asleep to the sound of the didjeridoo while he was in a chair that he had never been able to sleep in before. Happiness all round! img seems to be missing.jpg
Other places I have offered Didjital Sound Journeys in collaboration with others include Breathe Holistic Health, Los Altos, and at EarthDance South Bay. Also played didj in support of Kara Mazzola's Breathwork class in Los Gatos.